AceNuwara WHOLEGRAIN Red Basmathi rice is MILDLY POLISHED, as opposed to White Basmathi rice (Fully polished). This ensures that the bran, germ and endosperm are still intact.

AceNuwara - Structure of a Wholegrain

A comparison of the nutrient composition of Red Basmathi Rice, polished white rice, unpolished rice (brown rice) rice are shown below. Red Basmathi rice contains a phlethora of vitamins and minerals, is lower in total calories, carbohydrates and sodium compared to polished white rice and unpolished rice. It is trans-fat free, cholesterol and gluten free. The dietary fibre content of Red Basmathi rice is higher than polished white rice and unpolished rice varieties. Eating more whole-grains is healthier, as it has been shown to reduce the risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes and certain cancers.

Besides the wholesome goodness from its bran and germ, AceNuwara Red Basmathi Rice is characterised by its distinctive red-colour pigment ANTHOCYANIN present in the bran. It is a source of PHENOLIC COMPOUNDS and ANTIOXIDANTS, which confers several health benefits by fighting the free radicals(harmful chemicals) in our bodies. Antioxidants are substances that may prevent or delay some types of cell damage. Hence, rice, a staple in this region, can also function as an additional source of phytochemicals which are more commonly found in fruits and vegetables. The total anthocyanin content (TAC) and the total phenolic content (TPC) of the AceNuwara Red Basmathi rice were tested in an accredited laboratory.

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Generally, rice has a reputation for being a high-GI food, based on the effect that it has on blood sugar levels. In contrast to this, AceNuwara Red Basmathi Rice has a LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX (GI), which makes it suitable for diabetics and the health conscious consumers. The slow release of glucose in the blood after consumption of the red rice reduces the risk of metabolic diseases (eg: diabetes and obesity), cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer.

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Information, Comparisons and Healthy Recipes by:
Dr Kalpana Bhaskaran
Manager, Nutrition Research
Unit Head, Glycemic Index Research Unit
School of Applied Science
Temasek Polytechnic


Goodness of AceNuwara Red Basmathi Rice – Dr Kalpana


红米 – “粗粮的善意” – Dr Kalpana